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so i started 3rd game today


my tablet pen went missing but i had a urge to draw after beating SA1 again so i doodled a tikal gijink w/ watercolors??? please 4give me


my tablet pen went missing but i had a urge to draw after beating SA1 again so i doodled a tikal gijink w/ watercolors??? please 4give me


this is like choosing a favorite child and it isn’t fair 


To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry

I'm beginning to slip over to the sonally side oh noessss. Please help convince me that sonamy is still great??? D:


No problem, although, I want to state that first and foremost to those who do support Sonally that I am in no way against the couple. I don’t specifically ship it, but I respect that you want too and won’t start a war or anything. I’m fine with discussions :) But I don’t want to start anything, this is my opinion of my research involving games and other media like Sonic X.

Okay, first thing’s first!

I once read somewhere that in Kid video games there are certain ‘limits’ drawn out by I believe Japanese origin concerning how certain things can go or proceed. There’s the “One-sided”, “Mutual attraction but never confessed.”, and “Both don’t know the other likes them.” scenarios.

(Here’s advertising done for Amy Rose where it states Sonic was ‘smitten by this cute new hedgehog” I mean, COME ON. SMITTEN!? If that doesn’t scream ‘Sonamy’ I don’t know what does!)

So when SEGA declared their ‘Lovely Couple’ tease to be “Ambiguous”, meaning you can see them as a couple or not, really shook things up and made the two more interesting in their relationship.


Let’s talk about beginnings. In a Panel at Sonic Boom I believe, Kazuyuki Hoshino described his process of creating Amy. He stated, “Sonic needed a Girlfriend” but elaborated on how Sonic wasn’t really the kind of guy to ‘be’ in a relationship. He was always running to the next adventure, and never really was able to stay in one place too long. So a relationship like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, or Mario and Peach, just didn’t really work for him and his character. So he created Amy Rose, someone whose mind is set on Sonic, but he kinda just thinks she’s weird… It makes it interesting though, because this was just the beginning of what would be the most debated couple of the franchise.


We’re now gonna skip into the future, where these two have grown accustomed to one another’s antics and their friendship and loyalty has grown stronger as well. There are many hints of ‘dates’ and missing them in games like Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed, plus many scenes in the Sonic X T.V series.


(they have 2 theme songs dedicated to this couple, come on people.)

Amy is known and described in Bios of herself as Sonic’s “Self-proclaimed Girlfriend”, we wonder if she’s self-proclaiming cause he won’t do it himself, as in one of the Olympic Games tidbits once put it, “No one really knows if Amy is Sonic’s actual girlfriend or not…” So the company does a great job at keeping it up to the fans, as they once did in Sonic Chronicles where you, the player, could decide whether Sonic and Amy had a moment together and grew closer or not.

American games usually have Sonic pushing Amy away or being very ‘out-winded’ around her, but in Japan, Sonic’s mostly awkward and sighing at her antics, but he never tries to be rude or directly shoving her away like in Sonic Generations, which, by the way, the Japanese completely took that scene of him doing that out entirely! Claiming it was out of character.

Sonic is described as, “Liking her more than he lets on.” In some bios of Amy Rose. But it’s quite clear he may like Amy Rose, but definitely doesn’t want a relationship. He’s been shown to worry about her and play the hero in saving her often, and his most famous quote to her, “Amy.. Take care of yourself.” or “Thanks Amy, I appreciate it.” can read into how he actually is fond of her, just maybe not to the extent she wishes he’d be at by now. XD


and now we come into a whole new universe, parallel to Canon, Sonic Boom holds many possibilities for these two. As it has been said, “Sonic is a lot more comfortable around Amy in this continuum.” which could mean some more interactions on a more ‘closer to heart’ scale, as the Modern Sonic likes to possibly avoid most of the time.


There’s also Archie Comics, but in that alternative universe, it’s clear that nothing is really happening all quite yet. It’s clear that there are some rules too… SEGA rules… “Sonic can’t show any interest in Amy Rose.” Is a rule that is in the SEGA Mandates to all Sonic Media. He also can’t have a ‘permanent’ girlfriend or relationship, which leads to him and Sally being so on and off.

Fleetway Sonic is hard to say, I haven’t looked into that one, but I think they’re close and just good friends, though Amy might secretly have a crush on him.

So when it comes to Sonally, you have to remember that is sectioned to ONE universe in MANY. And the main ‘canon’ universes have Amy and Sonic being rather humorous, mostly because Sonic Team treats their ‘romance’ as a joke to play around with, but it’s all fun and good in Japan, as Amy is seen as lovable and endearing.

It’s America that really screws her up, but let’s just move on from THAT long topic XD

In the end, Sonamy is just more deeper under the surface than most ‘right there obvious’ relationship chemistry like Mario and Peach, Minnie and Mickey mouse, etc. They’re both very odd characters. One is direct and open about her feelings, and the other is awkward and shy and doesn’t really want himself in a serious relationship or ANY real relationship like that at this time.


Sonic is always evolving, always changing with the times. SEGA likes to change to stay with the current times and trends, so if romance in video games grows popular (A lot like how Nintendo are starting to market zelink lately… in small hints and baby steps mind you) then perhaps Sonic and Amy will begin to show small hints and signs, though, in my opinion, they’ve already dropped quite a few… ;)

Sonic and Amy are a timeless game of Chase. One where the company doesn’t really want to change it either, stating, “Amy will never get over Sonic.”. I love the couple because it’s adorable, funny, and there IS reasonable proof concerning them maybe, someday in the distant (and boy do I mean DISTANT) future that they may show more signs of affection for each other (mostly Sonic opening up, that’s all we really need xD).

So stick with the couple, learn how to identify those hints, cause most of us are just looking forward to what is to come. With all those built up feelings, I’m just waiting for the bottle’s lid to fly off and to see what amazing Sonamy scene may await me in the future.

With Romance in Video Games starting to trend, maybe…. just maybe… something will happen with those two. And you better believe I’m gonna stick around to find out WHAT! :D


EDIT: Re-did some colors and added some more elements i like it better …

Ah man sorry I am so slow at drawing this series….to answer everyone yes yes I am doing all the god tiers revealed in the comic ;u; 

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